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Migration to server-side tracking refers

to the process of moving from client-side tracking

to server-side tracking, where data is collected

and processed on the server-side rather

than the client-side.

This migration offers several benefits including

increased data privacy and security, improved data

accuracy and completeness, and reduced reliance

on third-party cookies.



Increased data privacy and security: With server-side tracking, data

is collected and processed on the server-side, which helps to protect

user privacy and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Improved data accuracy and completeness: Server-side tracking can help

to ensure that data is collected and processed accurately and completely,

reducing the likelihood of data loss or discrepancies.

Reduced reliance on third-party cookies: As many browsers are

moving away from third-party cookies, server-side tracking provides

an alternative solution for collecting and processing user data.

Flexibility and customization: Server-side tracking offers greater flexibility and

customization options, enabling businesses to tailor their tracking and data

processing to their specific needs.

Improved site performance: Moving tracking to the server-side

can help to reduce the amount of code running on the client-side,

which can help to improve site performance and speed.

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