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Data layer development refers to the process

of designing and implementing the layer of an

application that is responsible for managing

and manipulating data.

This layer is often referred to as the data access layer

or the data persistence layer, and it is an essential component

of any application that requires the storage and retrieval of data.

Overall, the development of a data layer is a critical part

of building a robust and reliable application.

It requires careful planning, design, and implementation

to ensure that data is stored and retrieved accurately

and efficiently.



Flexible yet durable solution for capturing data client side and making

it available in a well constructed taxonomy to front end and back end systems;

also enriching Customer Data Platforms.

Increase revenue by optimizing

spend towards high-value


Well defined web data allows for marketing and performance reports

to be more accurate and opportunities for segments to be created

and used in targeting efforts.

Reduced waste through

improved targeting

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