Audience Profiling

Customer Profile


Customer data including sales, ad exposure,

product purchases and seasonality all help shape

the data story around customer behavior.

These data points can be used to create rule based

segments within existing customer databases to define

distinct cohorts of customers with unique


Rules based segmentation analysis allows for these

characteristics to be tested to determine which are

the most impactful in creating valuable audiences.

The understanding of these characteristics allows for

new media strategies, insights into customer value

and opportunities for product enhancements.



Defined customer segments with rule based logic

that can be applied to new customers to place them

in a defined segment.

Aggregated data sets, existing in an analytics

environment that allows for holistic transformations

and segmentation of data.

Decreased media waste through rules based

audiences that are defined by their value.

Increased ROI through evaluation of holistic

performance with the combining of customer data.

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