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As the amount of data continues to grow in complex

digital ecosystems, breaking down data silos can

increase the value of marketing efforts.

Cloud automation can be established through

incremental improvements, translating manual

processes into automated ones.

Organizations should focus on automating repetitive,

time-intensive tasks with relatively low value, rather than

aiming for complete automation.

A wide range of automation tasks, including campaign

management, API reporting, bulk actions, inventory and

budget management, and bid automation, can be valuable

to a marketing ecosystem.

By defining a roadmap aligned with business objectives,

organizations can gradually increase their use of cloud

technologies to achieve marketing goals and improve

the value of their data over time.



Create a marketing data warehouse to serve

as a foundational component in reporting,

activation & automation.

Develop automation processes through a collection of data

pipelines & compute instances to allow ongoing tasks to be set

in motion through rules-based or machine learning models.

Increase media effectiveness through

seamless activation of 1st party data

across available channels.

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