Audience Strategy

& Activation

The process of delivering a strategy and creating

high-performing audiences that are tailored to a marketer's

needs involves various techniques, such as activation within

a platform using customer match, utilizing offline conversions API,

and importing audiences across platforms.

This approach is designed to generate high value

audiences that are more likely to engage with

a marketer's content and drive conversions.

By leveraging these techniques, businesses can

optimize their advertising efforts, improve ROI,

and achieve better results.

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver more targeted

and effective advertising to the right audience,

resulting in increased revenue and business growth.



Increased revenue and profit through

prioritizing 1st party data as the core pillar

of the audience activation strategy

Shift towards customer match, bringing the value

of 1st party data to the front of the audience

strategy, to activate and measure against.

Activation of media in a test-and-learn framework that allows adjustments

to audience strategies. The test-and-learn framework will help serve as

a legacy record of strategies that have been used previously.

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