Hypothesis Planning

A/B Testing

Successfully launching campaigns requires deploying

strategies with a measurable impact on consumer

sentiment and the bottom line.

Iterating based on past learnings and exploring

new opportunities derived from data-driven insights

ensure media is optimized.

This also applies to websites. We offer A/B testing plans,

insight, setting up A/B testing and building customer

journey maps.



Establish a testing infrastructure for available marketing

data sources that includes a measurement framework to

determine success and insights for iterative shifts.

Establish a testing infrastructure for

your website and define key metrics

for testing evaluation.

Aggregated data sources available in centralized

location for data transport to activate strategies

like uniques, geo, and incremental strategies.

Google Campaign Manager

Google Marketing Platform

Firebase for Analytics

Google Ads

TikTok ads

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Meta Ads


We use a stack

of effective



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