Server Side tracking

The latest solution to improve your site

performance as well as insure data security

Benefits of using

GTM Server Side


Data Privacy and Compliance

Reduced Page Load Times

Minimized Data Discrepancies

Enhanced Security

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Performance Optimization

In a world of data privacy,

security of personal

information is a must.

GTM Server-Side is a cutting-edge solution

that takes the capabilities of traditional client-side

tag management to a whole new level, providing

enhanced control, flexibility, and performance for your

website's analytics and data management needs.

Unlike the conventional client-side approach where tags and scripts are fired

directly on the user's browser, GTM Server-Side processes and manages

these tags on the server before the page is served to the user.

This server-side processing offers a range of advantages, including

improved data privacy compliance, reduced data discrepancies,

enhanced page load times, and increased data accuracy

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