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The Challenges

A major retail brand in Eastern Europe needed to understand how website visits

affect offline purchases in order to better optimize their marketing budget.

With 85% of purchases made in retail stores and only 15% online, it was important

to understand how digital marketing activities affect offline purchases.

The retail brand tasked ROPO for Retail to connect online website

visits to offline in-store  purchases.


Since up to a million people a day visit the site of the retail brand and it uses

the standard version of Google Analytics, it was necessary to first set up streaming

of unsampled and raw data to the cloud environment.

To do this, GTM Server-Side was installed on a site that transmitted session

hits with user metadata to the Google Cloud Platform. As CRM data was necessary,

Extremum Digital set up batch data downloads to Google Cloud Platform as well.

Since the discount card contains a unique customer ID, it was chosen

as the primary key for combining online with offline data.

This identifier was also assigned to the user during authorization on the site,

and ROPO for Retail used this to retrospectively identify shoppers who are

not logged in on the website but have made purchases in the past.

Once ROPO for Retail identified ‘research online to purchase offline users,

an automated report was created to track the results of digital marketing

channels for offline purchases.

The Result

ROPO for Retail was able to successfully connect online and offline data, and created

an automatic report that provides strategic insight on the company's marketing activities.

It was found that of all offline purchases, 25% had previously done online research on the website.

This insight led to significant budget allocations to improve overall marketing performance.

Through ROPO for Retail work, retail brands can better understand customer journeys

and optimize digital campaigns  accordingly to offline purchases.

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