Cross device analytics


5% increase in AOV

for return visiotors

The Challenges

The client is a dynamically developing food service company. For 17 years it has been

a reliable supplier of products and solutions in the HoReCa market in Eastern Europe.

The company had an issue in understanding user behavior between website, iOS and Android

mobile applications and how the company could stimulate users' purchase and increase AOV

via promotions, notifications etc.


First of all Extremum Digital set up mobile analytics hit tracking via Firebase and captured

authorized users IDs.  It was essential to capture the user's ID in a custom dimension in

Google Analytics as well. All the data was then stored in Google Cloud Platform BigQuery.

We established everyday data uploads from Firebase and Google Analytics API.

The crucial problem was that users in mobile apps had different IDs from website.

In solving this problem we set up global user ID that was used in OLAP data warehouse

and for matching Google Data Studio (Looker Studio)  was selected as a Business Intelligence

tool to visualize users overlaps between mobile apps and website, users’ journey map leading

to purchase, calculate LTV and predictive LTV.

The Result

Extremum Digital connected users’ behaviour from iOS, Android mobile apps and website,

calculated user overlaps that allowed it to create notifications and promo plan.

As the result, client company managed to increase Average Order Value for return users

for 5% and increased customer’s Lifetime Value Through Extremum Digital work, Subaru

can better understand customer journey and feel confident in their campaigns performance.

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